Monday, May 16, 2011

Cycling in Yoyogi Park

My 5-year old daughter went cycling with training wheels on the children's course at Yoyogi Park on Sunday.  She had a blast with her old brother (he will be 7 years old next moth).  He didn't want to ride a bike with training wheels but after spending about 15-minutes running after her, figured out he could ride on the back of the bike.  Probably not the safest activity, and my wife and I flinched a couple times when he fell off.  However, the bike couldn't go fast with two giggling screaming children.

Rental of children's bikes is a nominal ¥100 / hour.  Bikes for adult and older children (without training wheels) can be rented for ¥200 / hour.  There are other parks further in the suburbs where bikes are free (i.e., Suginami).

The girls bikes featured Hello Kitty and had cute bells.  I don't recall if the boys bikes had such a nice bell.  I'll have to check when we return.

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