Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cherry Blossoms at Roppongi Hills

With all the anxiety over the triple disaster in Japan, hanami will certainly be subdued this year.  The cherry blossoms are just starting to burst, and hopefully, the weather will return to the spectacular form that we had last week.

The wife and I had a little free time.  The kids were at a play date at a friends house, so we went for a walk through the park between Roppongi Hills and TV Asahi.  One tree seemed to be peaking a little earlier than the others. 

There are several types of cherry trees in this park.  The blossoms above were from a variety that is bright pink. The variety photographed below is much paler shade.

The street behind the main Roppongi Hills complex is lined with cherry trees and is appropriately named Sakura-zaka.  These are all budding and ready to burst.  They should be near their peak before the end of the week.

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