Monday, May 3, 2010

I don't like Shibuya...Really, I don't like Shibuya...

The area around Shibuya station is a little too crowded for my liking.  But then again, the very reasons that I don't like it... it's frenetic, chaotic and crowded.. are the very reasons that make it interesting.  It's a beautiful, chaotic, symphony of people, lights and buildings.  A whole orchestra sounding off simultaneously to attract your attention.

Here's the entrance to JR's Shibuya Station.

Not many people look down here, but there's some nice Hachiko hand-hole covers located near the Hachiko's statue.

Here is the famous statue of Hachiko near Shibuya Station.

Here's another view of Hachiko's statue and his admirers.

One more of Hachiko.

Here's the ubiquitous shot of Shibuya Crossing and it's favorite scramble.

Another look at the scramble... The vehicular traffic stops and thousands of people cross every few minutes.

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