Monday, February 21, 2011

A walk on Washington's birthday - Would you like to buy some hashi ?

I took a lot of pictures yesterday on my walk from Nishi Azabu to Harajuku, in Shinjuku and in Azabu Juban.  I haven't really had time to digest them all, but I do have time today to post. The first set is from this interesting chopstick store in Harajuku.

Their beckoning cat was holding chopsticks (hashi).  The name of this shop is Hashi Ginza Natsuno.  There are several locations in Tokyo.  Ginza is probably home to their headquarters or flagship shop.

The had several interesting displays featuring Hina Matsuri.

This is the entrance to the shop.  In addition to chopsticks, they have a wide assortment of chopstick rests.  My wife collects these, so I should make a trip back.

These are baseball themed chopstick rests.

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