Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hina Matsuri is around the corner...

First just let me assure you that this is not an advertisement for Baskin Robbins (although I do enjoy their ice cream).  This is just a view into the detail and enthusiasum that Japanese (including foreign restaurant franshises) get into their holidays, even cut but minor ones.

Anyway, last Thursday after dinner the family dropped in for ice cream at Baskin Robbins in Hiroo outside National Azabu Supermarket.  The shop was decked out for Hina Matsuri (Girls Day or Doll Festival). Anyway they had a special Hina Matsuri Sunday, ice cream cakes and a cute display featuring Micky and Minnie Mouse as the Emperor (Odairi-sama) and Empress (Ohina-sama).

Here's Micky and Minnie decked out for Hina Matsuri.

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