Saturday, February 25, 2017

Two More Autumn Higanbana, Photography Insecurities about White Balance

Here are two more higanbana that were blooming along a residential back alley in my Yoyogi neighborhood. Although in Japan these flowers may be associated with death and the dead, I've always enjoyed these flowers and look forward to their autumn arrival.

On a separate note, I have many insecurities about my photography, and am always looking to improve my in-camera and post-processing technique and workflow. Looking at my higanbana posts, white (and color balance) varies a little more than usual although some of these shots were taken at approximately the same time (this post). The slightly different angle of light result in a slightly different "color" balance due to the clouds, shade and nearby reflective surfaces. The camera and post-processing software may try to auto-balance but usually fail without human assistance and result in unnaturally warm or cool colors, and sometimes unusual color casts (perhaps due to a nearby green wall or ceiling). Although I generally like neutral to slightly warm images, I try to limit my post-processing and strive to reproduce a natural color palette that that reflects the actual conditions.

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