Sunday, April 17, 2011

Who would of thought that children's playgrounds in Tokyo could be so fantastic...

Children's parks in the Tokyo area can be really fabulous.  Suginami Children's Traffic Park  (杉並児童交通公園(すぎなみじどうこうつうこうえん)is a great example.  This park is located about 45-minutes by car from central Tokyo and is part of the Zenpukuji Gawa Green Tract of Land and Wadabori Park. 

The really unique feature of this park is the traffic park.  There are bicycles and peddle go-carts.  Best part is that the bikes and carts are free!  Just provide your contact details, address and telephone number on a slip of paper and your off.

The play area in the middle of the traffic park looks like it was inspired by Tokyo Station. There's a central traffic circle with a fountain in the center, but it appears that the fountain hasn't been used in several years.  The cycling course connects to a larger path along the river.

There's also an area for toddlers to play.

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