Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chisai (tiny) taiyaki! or delicious Yamathon snack break!

Several weeks ago, I joined friends walking for Oxfam in the Yamathon.  We had loads of fun walking along the Yamanote line tracks and exploring along the way.  The team entry fee of ¥6,000 went to the 11 March earthquake relief effort so our effort was also backed with yen for the cause! 

Along the the way, I spotted this Taiyaki vendor at Otsuka station and had to purchase a small mix bag (16 pieces for ¥525) to share... Flavors included azuki (red bean), chocolate, caramel, banana, custard...

We passed over the Yamanote line several times along the route. At this location, the tracks were lined with beautiful cherry blossoms!

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