Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kuro goma and benimo

There are many unusual Japanese  flavors out there.  I don't crave any of the salty savory flavors like shrimp or bonito flakes.  On the sweeter side of things, kabocha (squash) matcha (green tea) and azuki (red bean) used to be my favorite odd Japanese flavors. But now I am torn between the relatively easy to find kuro goma (black sesame) and the benimo (Okinawan purple yam).  Black sesame seems to be more versatile and can be found in salty and sweet dishes... ramen noodles, ice cream, onigiri, furikaki, sembei... Benimo has similar uses and is also found in ice cream, chips, tarts, and as a special Kit Kat flavor!

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Suyiin. said...

the black sesame ice cream looks DELICious! could i know if where to find any in shinjuku or harajuku? willing to walk a mile for it :)