Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Asakusa on New Year's Eve

This was the scene in Asakusa at Sensō-ji Temple on New Year's eve. This is the Hōzōmon or "Treasure House Gate".

There were many food and souvenir stalls were scattered around the shrine grounds giving the temple grounds a festive atmosphere.

The faint blue LED lights in the distance are from the Tokyo Skytree.

One of the many takoyaki vendors located in tents around the shrine.

One of the various New Year's decorations that are sold around the temple. I think these are called kumade.  They are used to rake in good luck.

One last look at the crowd in front of the temple. My friend and I decided not to wait in the line that went through the Hōzōmon or "Treasure House Gate", Nakamise-dōri (shopping street), Kaminarimon or "Thunder Gate", spilled out on Kaminarimon Dori and and U-turned back to Kaminarimon. The line moved fast, but we guessed that it would take several hours to get to the temple. We decided to drive to another shrine and get in a shorter line.

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