Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back in Tokyo, after Summer Break in Australia

I finished a break down under and just returned to Tokyo two-weeks ago, only to be swamped at work. Now I have a backlog of photos from Australia and Tokyo to share....

So give me some time and hopefully, I will catch up before summer is over.  I had a long layover (over 6-hours) in Cairns.  It was only a 10-minute ride into the CBD so I went into town.  Here's a few of the things that I spotted while in Cairns.

My flight landed before sunrise, and I made it into the CBD at sunrise.

Walking around the CBD, I hear a strange hissing noise and spotted these Bush Stone Curlews. They did a sort of dance trying to escape from me.

There wasn't much to see in Cairns after breakfast. So I went to the Cairns Wildlife Dome to check out their birds and got a close up look at more Curlews.

They had lots many native parrots, Frogmouths, and Kookaburras.

I also spotted this beautiful white flower. I think it's a White Daffodil but I haven't confirmed it.

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