Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fun with Soap Bubbles...

We didn't know it when we got up, but the family had so much energy that we visited not one, but two parks in Tokyo. Hibiya Park near the Imperial Palace (or 皇居 kōkyo) and Arisugawanomiya Park in Minami Azabu.  The children's playgrounds in Hibiya Park and at Arisugawanomiya are not anything special; however, the family had a great day. Especially when my wife brought out the Soap Bubbles for the kids. (If you are wondering, I had to include the link to Wikipedia because it explains why soap bubbles have iridescent colors.)

Here are some of the more interesting ones, and as my policy, minus my kids of course.  If you look closely, my reflection is visible in these bubbles. 

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