Monday, September 13, 2010

Can you believe someone lives here?

I've been driving by this house a couple times a month since I returned to Tokyo in 2007.  It's located near Meiji Dori in Hiroo. It's amazing that it doesn't blow down in a strong wind. Considering Tokyo can be such a modern city, this house disguised as a shack seems very out of place. 

Usually, such eyesores get quickly trampled, disposed of or recycled by progress.  Very few older structures ever seem to survive, get restored and protected.  It seems so arbitrary, but I guess in such a large city there are always a few buildings that slip through the cracks....  It makes me wonder if the property taxes for this house are worth more than the actual house.

If you were wondering, I am absolutely sure that someone does live here. While I was taking this photo, I saw someone walking around inside, and I'm sure it wasn't a ghost...

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