Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Roppongi Hills Christmas Lights

Christmas has come and past in Tokyo, and I almost forgot to post photos of the lights at Roppongi Hills.  My editing skills are either weak, or I have a problem sharing.  Anyway, it's your choice to surf through my site.  For this post, I'll keep the text at a minimum.

There's a strange wall of light in the the garden in from of the TV Asahi Building.

This a small but but properly decorated tree in front an Indian restaurant called Diya.  The food there is good, but do they decorate the place for Diwali?

This must be the proper place to stand when taking photos...

This is the rose themed tree in the central plaza.

There's a great view of Tokyo Tower and the illuminated tree lined street from the pedestrian bridge.

I liked how the taxi driver's face was illuminated.

The lights added a festive aura to this shopper.

This unusual CFL lit tree was in the lobby of the Grand Hyatt at Roppongi Hills. I thought it was classy and modern with sense of humor. My co-worker thought that it may be inspired by Dan Flavin.

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