Saturday, August 27, 2011

Accident? What are you worring about?

I am worrying about  HYGIENE!!!  That's what... Usually, Japanese are super duper obsessive about it.  People always have handkerchiefs to dry hands, and always tissues to blow noses to avoid spreading germs.  But in most parks where there are water play areas, there are always several children in nappies (or diapers) playing.  It looks worse that it is... but even swim diapers hang a little lower than regular diapers and can leak.

Anyway, I am always amused by t-shirts with nonsensical English (aka Engrish).  Considering the location and condition of the nappy that this child is wearing, I feel that there is nothing that would stop an accident if it were to happen. 

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Gaya3 said...

interesting observation... nice! :)