Monday, March 14, 2011

Tokyo's city logo is everywhere - Part 2

If you were wondering, I am fine.  The earthquake hit Sendai last Friday will I was at work.  My offices are about 45 km from central Tokyo.  For those living and working in the Tokyo area the earthquake was mostly a big inconvenience rather than a disaster.  If you didn't live close to home, didn't want to walk or didn't want to fight traffic in a car, you were stuck at the office or at the train station.  It took me 7-hours to drive home but I got home, unlike the many unfortunate souls in Miyagi Prefecture.

Anyway, back to our regular scheduled programming.  I am still working on my gingko log of Tokyo.  Here are few more that I captured.  You could walk right over these, if you weren't paying attention.

This is a Toei Subway air vent grating.

This fire hydrant manhole cover is circled with ginkgo leaves.

And this is another random manhole cover.

Finally, this survey marker is located at the base of Tokyo Tower.

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