Monday, May 17, 2010

Haikyo in the Azabu area?

Abandoned ruins in Japan are known as Haikyo.  I especially like the photographs of them in Michael John Grist's blog.  He's gone to the extremes to find these abandoned deteriorating buildings.

The ones that I photographed in this post are of the haikyo that I have come across during my walks around my Tokyo neighborhood.  Most are not really that deteriorated.  They appear abandoned or seldom used.  There are padlocks on the doorways and boarded up windows.  Several appear to have suffered some vandalism.  However, I haven't entered any these buildings, so I can't give much insight.

Here's one I spotted in Minami-Azaubu.  It appears to be some sort of machine shop.  There's a large milling machine in the front, perhaps it's a lathe.  I didn't really take a close look.

Here are two more right next to each other in Minami-Azabu.  These are very close to the posh Moto-Azaubu area.  It looks like there is enough area to park a car in front of the second one.  Usually the property owner would block off access to parking, but perhaps he lives nearby and uses it to park his car?

Finally, here's one I spotted in Shirogane.

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