Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Sakura in February? Nah... just plum, but definitely allergy season. :(

This Sunday when I went out to park the car on Meji-Dori, I thought that I may have sighted Sakura for the second time in 2010. 

These are probably plum blossoms, but the color is very close to Sakura.  The ones that were definitely plum were a little further up the street.  Both of these trees are located near several shrines on Zekko Zaka. The one's out front the side entrance to this shrine are definitely plum (ume.)

Although it snowed last week, perhaps spring is arriving early. The news here in Tokyo has already announced that allergy season has arrived. This is something I would prefer, not to be able to confirm. Alas, my eyes itch and my nose is running.

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